How to Pick the Right Freebie or Lead Magnet

How to pick the right freebie or lead magnet.


A freebie or lead magnet is a valuable piece of information you give to your audience in exchange for their email address.


When a person signs up for anything you offer is an exciting opportunity for you to begin building a relationship with them. Thus is why it’s important to have a welcome email series to nurture your relationship with your new prospect.


Keep in mind, there are always look-ie loos’s and people who simply want to hack your system. Don’t worry about any of this, as this is the nature of the beast. Your only responsibility is to show up and give value.


Your freebie should have 3 components

  1. It gives your client a quick solution to a major problem
  2. It is jam packed with value
  3. And it is easy to digest

Here are a few examples of what quick solutions look like.

If an animal owner needs help with a misbehaving dog

Your freebie could be: One simple trick to stop your dog from...

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