Re-Write Your Money Story

Your Freedom and Happiness is Available to YOU by CHOOSING YOU

Change My Story!

Free Yourself From the Past

Creating a new money story will change your approach and negative beliefs about money. 

Create the Life You Want

Re-writing your money story gives you the freedom to create your own reality based on what you want.

Money is Not Scary

Letting go of the negative stories around money will show you how money is just a tool. An energetic exchange for value.

Here's What You'll Learn

  • How to discover what you learned about money from your parents
  • Learn how those old stories impact your beliefs about money
  • Evaluate your current beliefs based on your value system
  • Explore what you would do differently by re-writing your money story
  • How would a new story support your happiness
  • What would support you in building a new story for your family
  • Create a new money story that fits your life and that you would want to share with your children and loved ones.

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