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Fearless Action Guide Digital Copy

The Fearless Action Guide will help you understand and work through fear. If you struggle with paralyzing fear, anxiety and self doubt the practical exercises and strategies in this workbook will get you relief.   

I begin by telling a part of my story and sharing my process that freed me from debilitating fear and overwhelm. There was a large part of my life where I was “just existing” – paralyzed by fear
and living in complete and total denial about my feelings, not taking
responsibility for my choices, blaming others, and harboring a lot of
hurt feelings and anger.

I found myself needing to make some tough
decisions that had nothing to do with anyone else but me.

Once I decided I was no longer willing to feel miserable, day in and
day out, I began to work through the steps that are listed in this book.

Many of the questions and activities are common sense and supported
by my clinical expertise as a Licensed Therapist – although I was living a
life where I was able to help others, yet unable (or should I say, not ready
and willing?) to apply them to my own life.

This work takes time. When we fully commit and show up for
ourselves, it is not a logical process. The work is allowing yourself to fully
feel emotions as they rise and sit with them until you understand the
nature of them. In our busy day-to-day lives, emotions creep up, and yet
we may habitually push them away or act out as the result of them. This
guide is designed to help you slow down your process, consider the
origin of the emotions, and help you work through the difficult feelings
that are related to memories and experiences.

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