Self Care in Action Membership

Self-Care in Action Tribe is a community, it’s a home, it’s a group of like-minded professionals who give each other support and friendship, it’s a place where you can feel welcome and safe, and it’s a hub for self-care and self-improvement. When you become part of the Self-Care in Action Tribe you’re making a commitment to improving yourself and your business. Joining the Tribe is the first step in a journey to learning how to care for you while pushing your business forward. Realizing your dreams isn’t easy, that’s why the Tribe is here to help. 

Self Care in Action Monthly Membership Details:

  • Weekly Goals Assessment - list your goals, list the priorities and the commitment for the week
  • Check-in with the community and Desi daily via Private Facebook Group
  • Share outline and commitment to the private Self-Care In Action Facebook Group
  • Weekly Private Facebook Group Check-Ins and Q&A (15 - 20 minutes)
  • 2 Live Monthly community coaching calls with Desi via Zoom
  • Specific training on overcoming common struggles like self-sabotage, projections, self-love, and learning to create healthy boundaries and moods.

This is your opportunity to bring all of your stuff, progress and goals to the table to receive live coaching to work it out, get the support and resources you need to be successful. 


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