No need to feel scattered and afraid. 
I help online business owners get more leads and sales!

When you are able to see beyond your fear and step in to all that's possible for you, everything in your life will begin to change, for the better. 

~ Desi Wenzel

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Self-Care In Business

Get the latest self-care e-courses, e-books, masterclasses, and tools to support your mental health while building your business. 


Queer Women of Color

A transformational self-love experience  for much needed R&R, clarity and community. Costa Rica June 11-June 17th.


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The H.O.W. Community is made of fiercely ambitious, creative and innovative woman creating happy and free lives. 



I almost became a doctor. I was a bio chem major until I flunked out. 

I became a big fat flunky because I was trying to be somebody I was not. 

When I got a clue, everything came with ease. I became a therapist and did that for 20 years, until I burnt out and got bored. 

Now I am a Biz Coach - moving to the beat of my own drum and my entire life has changed - for the better. 

You too can create an online brand and business that reflects exactly who you are and who you want to serve.

It's really simple once you make up your mind to do it. 

So, you'll find here simple - step by step digital courses, and training opportunities to learn how to create a booming online business you love. 


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(Happily Obsessed Warriors)

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Fearless Action Guide

The Fearless Action Guide by Desi Wenzel is a comprehensive workbook that educates and inspires readers to live life to their fullest potential. As a therapist, coach, and celebrated speaker, Desi boldly uses her personal fight with fear-induced stress as the premise for developing her leadership platform, The Self-Care Group. Follow along as you learn how to take the same 12 Steps that carried Desi through divorce, depression, and two cancer diagnoses and transform your life.

When you learn how to transform your fears into fuel that keep you focused and determined to reach your goals, you understand just how far your dreams can take you. Life is overflowing with opportunities just waiting to be achieved. The only thing that stands between most people and their destiny is the ability to use every minute of every day as a propelling agent that fearlessly sends you closer to your dreams.


"Desi has truly given me life... I didn't realize just how much I needed someone to simply just hear me out and then show me how I could move forward in my business as well as take better care of myself. If you are in need of a partner that can assist you, get to the root of the problem and bring about a true solution, look no further."

Nina S.
Creative Director

"Desi, you looked at me on Tuesday and said I didn't know how big this was. God has truly gifted you. No, you didn't know, but I have to tell you that the hour and a half you took with me was a true gift to me. For years I have done so much inner work on myself and the transparent beliefs that were uncovered that Monday we met blew those hidden beliefs right to the surface. Thank you from my soul to yours for taking that time with me."

Gabriella F.
Speaker & Coach

"Self Care with Desi has truly been a breath of fresh air to me. Hearing her voice in the back of my mind reminding be to simply breath and do me, is everything. It enables me to have the ability to go forward and accomplish all that I am called to do. Yes, Self Care reminds me to be accountable to ME. In fact it reminds me that I am my #1 client. "

Yasmina J.
Founder/CEO of Just say Ya!


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