Broke to Woke

Let's be honest, the days of bartering, working for free, and discounting your services are over. 

This behavior is not serving you and unbeknowst to your clients, they are effected as well, as you are secretly exhausted, mad and resentful of the agreement you created that set you up to overdeliver for pennies. 


Join the Membership Community that inspires you to take Quantum Leaps.

This means, you will have the accountability, guidance, and support to push past your fears, and self sabotaging behaviors to fully show up in your gifts and be the solution your soulmate clients are waiting for. 


We begin February 15th.

So be sure to be on the list to receive all the yummy details.

And just in case you want to know your investment...

this monthly container is only..$22 per month. 

All of the details will be in your email.

See you on the inside, 


Desi Wenzel - The Mindset Doula


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