Stop Self Sabotaging Behaviors: To Stay Out Of Your Own Way

What you'll get:

- Peace of mind

- The know how to rid off the negative thoughts and emotions that get in the way of pursuing your hearts desires

- A straight forward solution to master Self-Sabotaging Behaviors

- Access to audio trainings

- 1- digital worksheet and downloadable PDF to guide and support your learning style

- Lots of understanding, support and feedback from Desi

 This training is straight forward, highly effective, and will shift your relationship with self-sabotaging behaviors.

All that is required of you is dedicated time to fully immerse yourself in the process. 


I am ready to get out of my own way!

Face Your Fears 7 Day Challenge

Let's Build Synergy! 

Let's shift your energy! 

And let's manifest what you want from a place of ease and flow. 

And YES, this can be achieved by managing your fear, self-doubt and busy mind chatter. 

Daily, you will receive an email with a journaling prompt and/or short video clip that will guide you through a simple yet highly effective exercise that you immediately weave into your life. 

You will be amazed by your shift in perspective, and what you achieve within 7 days. 

You will: 
Feel Better
Sleep Better
Stop Overthinking
Relax more
Get Clarity
And get into action

So, this experience is a no brainer. 

Are you in?

 - Daily Journaling Prompts and/or

 - Short Video Clips of experiential exercises that will shift your mindset and teach you how to manage fear. 

Yes! I am ready for the 7 Day Challenge

10 Tips to Sale A Service Within 30 Days

You do not need a large audience, a big email list, or fancy software to promote and sale your services. 

Download {Free Cheat Sheet} outlining the steps I used to generate $40,000 in sales. 

10 Tips Cheat Sheet

Master Your Mindset 21 Day Group Intensive

Master Your Mindset Group Intensive - BE Bold, Confident, Consistent and Grow - 21 Day Intensive


Calling ALL Brilliant Female Entrepreneurs ready to tap into her light, claim her self confidence and boldly share her gifts with the world.


Master Your Mindset Group Intensive is a hands on, step by step road map to MASTER Your Mindset.


If you are struggling with:


Self doubt



Negative Chatter

Poor Self Worth

Low Self-Esteem



I have got the perfect solution for you!


The Master Your Mind Group Intensive is a safe place to be honest and transparent about the many things that are keeping you up at night, and getting in the way of you showing up honestly everyday.


You no longer have to boot strap your way through an emotionally taxing day;


You no longer need to feel as if you have to figure it all out on your own;


You no longer need to feel as if you are falling behind because you can’t get your shit together;


You no longer have to feel as though you have to first get your life right before you take the next step;


You no longer have to believe the lies of your busy mind or of your past, and upbringing.



Master Your Mindset Group Intensive will:


- Give you the courage to do what you love and monetize the hell out of it


- You will feel inspired to share your gifts with the world


- You will have the skillset, know how, and awareness to kick  Stinkin’ Thinkin’ to the curb


- You will stop self sabotaging behaviors before they even get started


- You will know your triggers: so when fear or anxiety lurks, you will know exactly what to do


- You will feel confident and inspired


- You will tap into an abundance of self acceptance and unconditional love


- You will have a strong sense of FUCK IT that will help you tune out all noise that does not feed your soul or where you are going


- You will have your healing, self belief, and confidence that will positively influence your life for a very long time



You will get the best results if:

  - you are a long time business owner transitioning into online business

-  or have an online service based business

  - you want to build your courage to boldly share your gifts and talents with the world



- have a growth mindset

- committed to working through the daily exercises and doing self evaluation

- have a clear goal to create or implement a new service or product

- the willingness to dedicate an hour a day to attend to your heart, mind, body and soul to complete the assignments


If this is you, we will work together in a group for 21 days.

-Private Facebook Group with my daily support, community, accountability and group discussion

-Weekly Live Group Laser Coaching Calls via Zoom

-All Modules are listed on FB  and Private Membership Site: There will be short videos, journaling prompts and discussion topics

-You will be delivered daily journaling prompts, discussion prompts, and customized assignments to incorporate into your daily life to ensure the practice and mastery of skillset

-All Group Coaching Calls and FB Lives will be downloaded and available on the private FB Site for replay

-You will have access to group membership for 1 year


Our Group Kick Off Call Happens SUNDAY, AUGUST 16TH @7pm PST

Live Laser Group Coaching Calls happen every Sunday at 7pm PST 📣📣📣📣📣📣

Desi will be active in the FB group discussions daily and will go live every time she feels like it (which is several times a week  - sometimes several times a day - IJS🤷🏽‍♀️)



$555 one time payment in full


Fast Action Bonuses -

-  1- VIP 1:1 60 Minute Coaching Call With Desi (Available till July 31st)

-  1 - 30 Minute 30 Day Follow up Call (Available till August 5th)


All Early Registrations will gain access to the group to begin the pre-work.


Registration closes August 13th.


Master Your Mindset Group  Intensive begins Sunday, August 15th at 7pm  PST



Yes! Count Me In!

Face Your Fears and Make Over Your Mindset

This is a private Facebook Group for Coaches, Consultants, Creatives and Counselors with online businesses. 

This is a high vibe group for soul led + energetic + ass kickers who are tired of being held back by fear.

If you are wanting to show up everyday feeling liberated, happy, and inspired this is the place where we share possibilities and claim the solutions that have been waiting for you. 

Yes, I want to join this group

The Fear-less Action Guide

Is fear getting in the way of you being consistent, or creating those videos, or keeping you from stepping into your full potential?

Well, I have the solution for you. 

I wrote a book filled with helpful exercises that will move you from paralysis into action. 

Get your immediate downloadable digital copy now for $10. 

And of course this book is available on Amazon if you want a hard copy. 

Fear-less Action Guide

Pick My Brain Laser Coaching 

I am here to answer your burning questions to get you clear, focused and moving towards your vision. 

This is laser coaching, so it's highly focused, to the point and detailed. 

Have your note book and pen on the ready. 

This call is focused on solving an immediate problem by giving you the Strategy and Action Steps that you can apply immediately.

You have two options: 30 or 90 Minutes 

Yes, I am ready to schedule my call