Taking total responsibility for my life is my SuperPower



My life is unrecognizable today compared to 4 years ago. I was that girl, stressed out, suffering in silence, smiling while dying inside, poor sleep, drinking too much, isolated, and couldn't see my next.

I completely lost my passion. I was bored. And living a life for my then husband, child, clients and community.

I lost myself. And was miserable. I had to take action. I had to chose me. And I was able to turn my life around completely.

I got tired of hearing myself complain and for damn sure was tired of spending $200 a session for my therapist to tell me what the fuck I already knew.

Change came with responsibility.

As much as I was perpetrating as

a strong black woman

I can do it all by my damn self …nonsense;

I was a hot flaming mess of excuses and too damn busy blaming people for the poor decisions I was making.

I surely was not down with victim mentality, however, I was the only person neglecting and abusing myself.

It was time to show up for myself and take Responsibility for ALL of myself and actions.

RESPONSIBILiTY saved my life.

RESPONSIBILITY changed my life.

RESPONSIBILITY empowered me. 

EMPOWERED me to take an honest took at my life and make difficult and painful changes.

 Growth is a Marathon. It takes mental conditioning, emotional healing, and a willing heart TO show up everyday and face yourself.

You will hear a lot of fluffy ass advice out here on these internet streets, but let me tell you, the moment you take full Responsibility for life, everything will change for you too.

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Desi Wenzel    A Mindset and Business Coach. She helps new coaches turn knowledge into paying customers. 

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