7 Ways to Manage Chronic Stress When Trauma is Present

How to pull yourself up when feeling down.

My friend scooped me up in her sporty Infinity, excited to see me and ready to have a fun weekend.

I wanted to feel better, and hoped her presence would save me from the gloom of anxiety.

As we sat in traffic I noticed my shallow breath and said, “I can’t stop shaking. Like the vibration from the deep bass of blasting speakers, my insides trembled.

It was hard to find the words to describe my feelings. In turn, I shared a story.

I was about 9 years old. On this day, she was different. Something inside was broken. I could see her shame as I could see her helplessness and hopelessness through her tears as she winced in pain.

Stevie Wonder played in the background. As if the record were scratched, it’s etched in my mind. One song. It played repeatedly. Or maybe I sang it repeatedly to ground myself. … “Lately”.

I see him, I see them, I see the stand off. Knowing exactly what was going to happen. I watched,...

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7 Ways To Overcome Burnout

7 Ways To Overcome Burnout


Burnout differs from stress and is not improved with a simple self-care plan. It takes some understanding of your situation and some diligent effort into making some personal changes as this condition can lean towards depression

 Very often individuals who are suffering from burnout show up at their doctor’s office, tested of underlying medical conditions, prescribed anti-depressants and referred out to a mental health professional. 

 The issue here is that while medication may improve your mood, it does not change your circumstances. 

 Burnout is an extreme state of mental exhaustion caused by stress. Stress is the emotional strain experienced in demanding circumstances. 


Burnout is caused by constant exposure to stress. It can be eliminated and prevented by learning how to set better boundaries in your environment and prioritizing your needs. 


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The Do’s And Don’ts When Stressed

The Do’s And Don’ts When Stressed

Everyone experiences some degree of stress at some point in their lives. Some stress is minimal and is resolved easily and other times it is long standing and consumes your life.

Stress doesn’t necessarily become a problem until you find yourself in an unhealthy or unbearable situation that you can’t get any relief from.

So, I am going to give you a short list of the Do’s And Don’ts When Stressed that will help you gain control of your thoughts and emotions.



  1. Breathe (Tap here to download Video 1 of the  Zap Stress in 5 Video)
    Your breath is the greatest gift of Source that is taken for granted. Breathing is the number one thing you can do to ground yourself, relieve tension, calm down, and slow down your busy thoughts.

    A few deep breathes will immediately shift your disposition when practiced a few times and exercised regularly.

     Where ever you are, simply...

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Everything You Need to Know About Stress

Feeling Stressed? Seeking Relief? 

Here’s Everything You Really Need To Know About Stress. 

For many individuals, stress is an ever-present reality. The rapid, often chaotic pace of life that characterizes this lifestyle can be overwhelming. 

While constantly on the run in reactionary mode, we can find ourselves easily triggered, leading to a state of anxiety and unease.

(Watch my latest Youtube video showing you a natural way to relieve stress.)

So here’s what you know.

Over time, if not moderated, consistently high levels of stress can have a destructive impact on both our physical and mental health. In fact, a recent Gallup study, 79 percent of Americans polled say they experience stress with some degree of frequency throughout the day. 

The American Psychological Association in a 2017 report cited the most common forms of stress for those surveyed: 

 63% Future of our nation

62% Money

61% Work

57% Political climate

51% Violence


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No is your saving grace

Hey Sis,

The word NO becomes your saving grace when you decide that it is no longer acceptable to please every body. 

When you start saying NO, the people depending on you and asking you for stuff will figure it out.

Yes, you love your people and care about their well-being.

Yes, you want to please them and feel accepted.

Yes, its uncomfortable dwelling in the discomfort of their disappointment in you.

Yes, its an adjustment for you to step away from what you have always done.

Well guess what?

Your loved ones - are getting exactly what they want and need because you are the one scrambling to keep it all together for them.

How is this working out for you?

Who is looking out for your well being?

Who is up at night worried about how you are doing or how you feel?

It is no longer acceptable for you to be walking around talking about you are tired.

It is no longer acceptable for you to be breaking out in strange rashes because you are stressed the hell out.

It is no longer...

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Let Him Go

Hey Sister Friend,

That man, giving you the blues; sucking up your precious time, energy and resources is no good for you.

Not only is he unfaithful, exposing your life to deadly diseases, the side chicks have the audacity to be playing on your phone.

How many times can you change your number, change your locks, kick him out, and block his calls.

When will you get tired of acting out of character, fussing and cussing, throwing his *ish outside, disturbing the peace and damaging property?

My Dear Sister Friend, here’s what’s up....

This man has issues and yet HE is not the problem.

I see you, hyper focused on his neglectful and foul ass behaviors and I see you loosing yourself.

All of your precious time and energy is low key all about him and you are tapping out of own your life.

You are loosing all sense of what happiness is, 
you are forgetting what rest feels like, 
you are out of touch with what loving yourself feels like.


Because you are depending on him...

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What's Going On? - Sista's We've Got To Do Better

What's Going On? Sista's We've Got To Do Better


Oh, what's going on

What's going on

Yeah, what's going on

Ah, what's going on


Marvin Gaye


Having sat down with my plate of barbeque ribs, I say  “what’s up my people?” to those seated at the table

Then I heard a voice respond: “I am NOT YOUR PEOPLE because you are white.”

Ohhhh! Really? Okay!!??

Within a blink of an eye, I played out a reaction in my mind.  It all seemed like it was in slow motion.

I gasped.  “WTF?”

I pulled back from the table, my body language saying, “WTF” is wrong with her.”

“Hmm,” I thought. “This is interesting.”  Truth be told, she had been looking at me funny all day. “She’s going through something,” I thought. “But F*** that. I still should just let her have it.”

The thoughts continued: “If I engage this heifer, the fun night will be over because...

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Stop worrying about what other people think

Stop worrying about what other people think and what other people have to say about you and your situation.

It's really none of your business. 

I can't say it enough.

Too often we get caught up in what people are thinking, what they are saying, how they may be feeling, and it really has nothing to do with us.

Let people be people and you focus on what you have control over. 

When you get in your head, running down rabbit holes, chasing all of the reasons why someone said what they said or might say to you, you will find that you are missing out.

You are missing out on opportunities to grow. 

Think about it.

When you are worried about how people are going to respond to you, you are not focused on your business. You are focused on them, consumed with self-doubt and fear. 

You can never forget how uniquely amazing you are. 

When you stand firmly behind your vision - by any means necessary, you will show up consistently, produce your content, and have the...

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