Taking total responsibility for my life is my SuperPower



My life is unrecognizable today compared to 4 years ago. I was that girl, stressed out, suffering in silence, smiling while dying inside, poor sleep, drinking too much, isolated, and couldn't see my next.

I completely lost my passion. I was bored. And living a life for my then husband, child, clients and community.

I lost myself. And was miserable. I had to take action. I had to chose me. And I was able to turn my life around completely.

I got tired of hearing myself complain and for damn sure was tired of spending $200 a session for my therapist to tell me what the fuck I already knew.

Change came with responsibility.

As much as I was perpetrating as

a strong black woman

I can do it all by my damn self …nonsense;

I was a hot flaming mess of excuses and too damn busy blaming people for the poor decisions I was making.

I surely was not down with victim mentality, however, I was the only...

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The Do’s And Don’ts When Stressed

The Do’s And Don’ts When Stressed

Everyone experiences some degree of stress at some point in their lives. Some stress is minimal and is resolved easily and other times it is long standing and consumes your life.

Stress doesn’t necessarily become a problem until you find yourself in an unhealthy or unbearable situation that you can’t get any relief from.

So, I am going to give you a short list of the Do’s And Don’ts When Stressed that will help you gain control of your thoughts and emotions.



  1. Breathe (Tap here to download Video 1 of the  Zap Stress in 5 Video)
    Your breath is the greatest gift of Source that is taken for granted. Breathing is the number one thing you can do to ground yourself, relieve tension, calm down, and slow down your busy thoughts.

    A few deep breathes will immediately shift your disposition when practiced a few times and exercised regularly.

     Where ever you are, simply...

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Let Him Go

Hey Sister Friend,

That man, giving you the blues; sucking up your precious time, energy and resources is no good for you.

Not only is he unfaithful, exposing your life to deadly diseases, the side chicks have the audacity to be playing on your phone.

How many times can you change your number, change your locks, kick him out, and block his calls.

When will you get tired of acting out of character, fussing and cussing, throwing his *ish outside, disturbing the peace and damaging property?

My Dear Sister Friend, here’s what’s up....

This man has issues and yet HE is not the problem.

I see you, hyper focused on his neglectful and foul ass behaviors and I see you loosing yourself.

All of your precious time and energy is low key all about him and you are tapping out of own your life.

You are loosing all sense of what happiness is, 
you are forgetting what rest feels like, 
you are out of touch with what loving yourself feels like.


Because you are depending on him...

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What is The Happily Obsessed Podcast

The Happily Obsessed Podcast is a passion project for me. My mission is to empower fiercely ambitious creatives, innovators and entrepreneurs ready to take a stand for their self-care.

[Listen here}

The Happily Obsessed Podcast will bring you thoughtful and motivating information that will transform your mental health, mindset and spiritual practices so you can start living your best life now.


This show features in depth conversations with soulful entrepreneurs who share  intimate glimpses of their lives and work.


Desi Wenzel is your host- Entrepreneur, Transformational Coach and Author of The Fearless Action Guide.


The introduction episode shares my vision for this podcast and a little about me.


My mission is to help fiercely ambitious women express compassion, care, and concern for themselves as they build their businesses.


I believe women can fully live an abundant and inspired life while on the path to success.

When us women are...

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When the numbers don't matter.

When the numbers don't matter.

My facebook group has been a major source of aggravation for me. So I decided to stop complaining and have done something about it. I had to decide that the numbers do not matter when I want and active and engaged community. 

I combed through my group and found that there are a lot of fake accounts and/or people l that are not active on facebook. I removed all of these people - Well over 150.

I know there was a reason why these folks wanted to be apart of group initially. I am sure they saw an ad, or experienced one of my post and decided they needed to be apart of the action.

When the member is no longer emotional, they will go away. And this is okay. This puts the responsibility on me to better manage my groups. 

I have been thinking a lot about creating an engaged community and I realize it first starts with me.

It’s no longer acceptable for me to spend my precious time curating resources for Lookie Lou’s, Freeple’s, and...

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Imperfect Humans

How many things are you not doing because you are afraid of being an imperfect human?

If you are afraid of failing, then you are still worried about what the next person feels, thinks or have to say about you.

Yes, failing is uncomfortable
Yes, failing can wound your fragile ego. 

Well guess what, your ego needs to be wounded anyways, as a matter of fact, just throw the entire ego away! It is not serving you.

Your spirit is naturally guiding
Your spirit is softly whispering to you
Your spirit is nudging you to stay in motion

And when you doubt your ego
You allow fear to dictate how to live your life
You allow ego to question your truth 
You allow ego to cause confusion in your life
You allow ego to create scenarios about your situation that hasn’t happened yet

Every single time you:
question or 
what it is you know you are suppose to be doing, you are being led by your EGO.

Every single time you take a step based on that deep inner knowing, you are moving in your...

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3 Simple Ways to Set Boundaries

If boundaries were so easy we would set the limit and be done, right?

Well, it isn’t always easy to set boundaries because there is an element of discomfort that exist that isn't willfully discussed. 

Setting boundaries become easier when you have a few tools to help you through the process. 

Truth be told, many people question their decisions before or after setting the boundary which makes them ambivalent about their decision.

You know how it goes.

You have a situation or engaged with a person that is sucking your energy and getting on your nerves and yet, setting firm boundaries is difficult. 

Well, to shed some light on this, it's human nature to be ambivalent and to even grieve situations before we let go.

So, to prevent this, here are a few questions to ask yourself to get your mind right.

Question 1: “How is my continued helping in the way of me accomplishing important personal or family goals?”

Question 2: “How is my helping or giving...

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Its time to draw a line in the sand.

Let this be the line drawn in the sand, beyond which your life will never be the same.

Self Care in Action Retreats are transformative and an immersive week long experience, hosted a couple times per year.

At each Self Care In Action Retreat, a group of power women come together with the intention of diving deeply into themselves, connect to each other, and blast limiting beliefs, so they can live in their fullest potential and better serve the world.

It is a week to unpack emotional blocks, heal and forgive the past, release insecurities, shame, guilt, judgement and resentment, overcome indecision, practice true vulnerability, transform relationships, and create an inspiring future.

It is a week to remember who you really are.

It is a week to become the change you wish to see in the world.

Desi works with every participant individually in a group setting. Over the course of the week, each participant will experience mindset shifts, breakthroughs in perspective, physical releases...

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I want to do it but I just can't.

I want to do it but I just won’t let go! This Cenote represented my entire life.

Check out the Video

I could SEE myself taking action and doing things to set myself free or make me happy… I could also feel myself getting what I wanted, And YET when it came down to…. jumping leaping taking the Next Step making a Call telling myself the truth taking responsibility for my *ish letting go of excuses initiating that conversation writing that email letting go of a toxic friendship ending a partnership or simply acting on my TRUTH…. I BAILED.

I would stop and come up with some BUSTED excuse, BLAME somebody, find a distraction, AND create some outlandish illusion about something that MIGHT happen.

In just a few short moments I convinced myself of:

1. being swallowed up by the water

2. not having a way to get out of the cave

3. that one ancient crocodile was going to eat me

4. I was going to have a heart attack upon hitting the water and my daughter...

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