Imperfect Humans

How many things are you not doing because you are afraid of being an imperfect human?

If you are afraid of failing, then you are still worried about what the next person feels, thinks or have to say about you.

Yes, failing is uncomfortable
Yes, failing can wound your fragile ego. 

Well guess what, your ego needs to be wounded anyways, as a matter of fact, just throw the entire ego away! It is not serving you.

Your spirit is naturally guiding
Your spirit is softly whispering to you
Your spirit is nudging you to stay in motion

And when you doubt your ego
You allow fear to dictate how to live your life
You allow ego to question your truth 
You allow ego to cause confusion in your life
You allow ego to create scenarios about your situation that hasn’t happened yet

Every single time you:
question or 
what it is you know you are suppose to be doing, you are being led by your EGO.

Every single time you take a step based on that deep inner knowing, you are moving in your truth and guided by SPIRIT. 

You do not need to know the how or even understand how things will workout. 

And why is this? 

Because you are allowing yourself to surrender and receive all the good GOD has waiting for you. 

Are you ready to put burnout to rest?

Are you ready to stop hiding and playing small?

Are you ready to put yourself first?

Are you ready to fully own what it is your want?

Are you ready to feel happy?

Are you ready to love yourself?

Are you ready to stand in your power?

Are you ready to start living for you? 

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