How to Pick the Right Freebie or Lead Magnet

How to pick the right freebie or lead magnet.


A freebie or lead magnet is a valuable piece of information you give to your audience in exchange for their email address.


When a person signs up for anything you offer is an exciting opportunity for you to begin building a relationship with them. Thus is why it’s important to have a welcome email series to nurture your relationship with your new prospect.


Keep in mind, there are always look-ie loos’s and people who simply want to hack your system. Don’t worry about any of this, as this is the nature of the beast. Your only responsibility is to show up and give value.


Your freebie should have 3 components

  1. It gives your client a quick solution to a major problem
  2. It is jam packed with value
  3. And it is easy to digest

Here are a few examples of what quick solutions look like.

If an animal owner needs help with a misbehaving dog

Your freebie could be: One simple trick to stop your dog from chewing shoes

A new mom struggling with panic attacks

Your freebie could be: 3 effective tips to stop your racing heart beat and busy thoughts

A business coach wanting to launch a new program

Your freebie could be: 5 Pro tips to prepare for a successful launch

Before we dive in I want to share something I have struggled with for a long time until it clicked and I found my groove.

I use to get hung up on “providing massive value” or “helping people on a high level” and would secretly feel so frustrated and get angry with my mentors and coaches because I couldn’t understand these concepts without feeling as if I had to give away my farm.

I honestly never wanted to feel as if I was giving a way all of my good stuff for free.

I had to learn how to trust the process, and understand the strategy involved to know there is always a return once you are in a position to make offers.

Now, I know this is a mouth full and a lot to wrap your mind around, but it’s the truth.

You hear people on the internet saying the same things over and over again, because, all of these little steps are apart of the strategy to move you towards selling your products and services.

So, here is a simple solution to pick the right freebie. 

Break the clients problem down into steps based on their pain points. And then chose the pain point that seems most common and expand upon it, and give a quick solution to your audience.

For example:

Problem: Coach wants too create a course and doesn’t know how to sell it.

Step 1. List ALL of the pain points associated with the problem.

Do not hold back.

List every single thing you can imagine as this expands your ability to tap into what your audience really wants.

Your audience wants to feel as if you understand them.

And when you are able to say all the things they would not dare say aloud, you are able to speak to their pain,

you perk them up,

you disrupt their scrolls,

you capture their attention, 

and they will engage with you.

So, a few possible pain points for a coach who wants to create a course to sell may be:

1. Pain point: Anxiety about picking best platform to deliver the course

2. Pain point: Uncertainty about how much the course should be
3. Pain Point: Curiosity about about how to build an audience that wants to purchase the course


Step 2. List All the steps it takes to solve the Pain Point.

For example:

If we address the pain point: What is the best platform to deliver online course?

Your solutions could look like this:

1. The benefits of delivering a course via video, pdf, and audio

2. How to resolve the anxiety associated with selecting the perfect platform to deliver your e-course

3. How to set up a budget friendly online course

The beauty in creating content is you get to teach what you know in your own unique way.

And believe me…. There are people waiting to hear from you as your way may be the only way they have been able to grasp major concepts that could drastically change their lives.

So never doubt what you have to offer.

Step 3. Consider who your ideal client is and create a lead magnet from your list of pain points. 

For example: My ideal client is a creative, transitioning out of a 9-5, very busy with home life, ready to scale their coaching / consulting business, has a ton of information, but feels paralyzed due to taking in a lot of new information at once, and having too many options.

By knowing all of this about my audience, I create specific pieces of content, that gives them a quick answer that will move them forward.

So, I always recommend playing on your personal strengths and providing massive value.

If you are a kick ass writer, create a cool PDF, Cheatsheet, Checklist, Workbook, or Ebook.

If you are comfortable speaking, hit voice memo on your phone and talk it out.

You can use the audio and/or have it transcribed into a PDF, Cheatsheet, Checklist, Workbook, or Ebook.

And if video is your jam, turn on the camera and shoot a quick video.

It pays to put the time into creating a juicy freebie as your audience will appreciate it, and will look to you for more good valuable content. 

The responsibility is yours to show up, be consistent, nurture your audience and put offers in front of them.

As you create your lead magnet, you do not have to throw the kitchen sink at your audience.

Remember, you are solving a very specific problem so your target audience can get a quick win. So, make sure that the information is easily digestible.

1. Make sure your freebie is not overwhelming on the eyes or ears.

2. Write in concise sentences. (Pro tip)  Do not be afraid to go over to Fiver or Upwork and hire someone to create a great looking document for you.

3. Break up long paragraphs with short sentences and bullet points.

4. If you are doing audio recordings, make sure you are recording in a quiet place, speaking at a clear and reasonable pace.

5. And for video, be sure to have good lightening, test your sound and speak clearly.

In summary, you can pick the best freebie or lead magnet for your audience by creating good content that solves a specific problem - quickly.

I am so excited about your growth and would love for you to share with me what you have created. So please click reply or leave a comment below.

This is all for now, but be on the look out for the next hack - How to Promote Your Freebie as this too will get you one step closer to building a warm audience, so you can eventually make offers and sell your online courses.

 Desi Wenzel is a Mindset and Business Coach helping coaches and consultants create, market and sell their products and services. 


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