Let Him Go

Hey Sister Friend,

That man, giving you the blues; sucking up your precious time, energy and resources is no good for you.

Not only is he unfaithful, exposing your life to deadly diseases, the side chicks have the audacity to be playing on your phone.

How many times can you change your number, change your locks, kick him out, and block his calls.

When will you get tired of acting out of character, fussing and cussing, throwing his *ish outside, disturbing the peace and damaging property?

My Dear Sister Friend, here’s what’s up....

This man has issues and yet HE is not the problem.

I see you, hyper focused on his neglectful and foul ass behaviors and I see you loosing yourself.

All of your precious time and energy is low key all about him and you are tapping out of own your life.

You are loosing all sense of what happiness is, 
you are forgetting what rest feels like, 
you are out of touch with what loving yourself feels like.


Because you are depending on him to love you.

You are depending on him to make you happy.

You are depending on him to make you feel complete.

Sis, I too have been there.

Feeling as If I could not breathe without him.

Feeling as if I needed to give just a little more of myself or change who I was at the core just so I could fit into his mold.

At every turn, slowly chipping away layers of your soul, like old flaking paint, your self esteem and self worth becomes thin, cracks, and falls away.

Sis, all of that time and energy you are putting into him, is a sign.

It’s a sign that it’s time to shift your energy, and learn how to get comfortable sitting with the discomfort of letting go and spending the necessary time healing your heart.

You have to start somewhere and the Zap Stress in 5 Day Challenge will get you that peace of mind when the *ish gets real and you need the space to think and hear your thoughts.

The challenge begins July 29th and you can sign up here.


Let’s shift the focus and begin pouring into you.


Thank you for reading!
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