Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Shine bright like a diamond.


I am catching all of this natural light today and am beaming just as bright on the inside.


I woke up this morning in love with myself. I felt rested, energized and excited about my life.


I even said, “you are looking mighty good as well”, and chuckled to myself.


Never had I imagined my physical health being a part of my self care and self love routines.


I have always taken my body for granted and to be honest, I have been disconnected from my body for many years.


Disconnected because I was holding on to being pissed off about breast cancer and not accepting the scars it left behind.


Disconnected because  I was pissed my body was attacked by this ravenous disease and I had to go through the invasive process of treatment.


Disconnected because I decided that I didn’t like my new body and I could hide behind frumpy clothing.


I tried to pretend for many years that I was okay with these amazing looking boobs, however, they with a price. They never felt like they belonged to me so I just covered them up. Not from a place of modesty but shame.


It took me to get uncomfortable about the belly rolls that were hanging over my jeans before I was willing to take a step towards physical wellness. I had not a clue I was holding on to such emotional baggage until I walked into the gym covered up after losing my first significant amount of weight.


My coach @Nicole Higgins looked at me sideways and asked, “what you covering up for”? I wanted to burst out in tears, and yet, I shared how uncomfortable I felt feeling “normal” and how I was afraid to be healthy.


This moment was my AHA moment and I learned this process has nothing to do with releasing weight. This is about me showing up for myself, loving myself and fully accepting myself for who I am and who I am born to be.


Weight loss requires a mindset shift.

The process is strenuous at times.

Growth hurts at sometimes.

And yet when you learn to be compassionate and loving towards yourself the journey is oh-so sweet.



What are your goals?


And have you considered what you need to release to get what you want?


Be fearless and remember self care is actionable.


Desi Wenzel


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