What is The Happily Obsessed Podcast

The Happily Obsessed Podcast is a passion project for me. My mission is to empower fiercely ambitious creatives, innovators and entrepreneurs ready to take a stand for their self-care.

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The Happily Obsessed Podcast will bring you thoughtful and motivating information that will transform your mental health, mindset and spiritual practices so you can start living your best life now.


This show features in depth conversations with soulful entrepreneurs who share  intimate glimpses of their lives and work.


Desi Wenzel is your host- Entrepreneur, Transformational Coach and Author of The Fearless Action Guide.


The introduction episode shares my vision for this podcast and a little about me.


My mission is to help fiercely ambitious women express compassion, care, and concern for themselves as they build their businesses.


I believe women can fully live an abundant and inspired life while on the path to success.

When us women are practicing self-care consistently, we feel good; we look good and flaunt it, we are energetic and we take inspired action.

Now here’s a little about me. I am a mom to a young adult, newly divorced and adjusting. And believe me, there will be some real talk on love.

I love all things fun,  especially cuban salsa dancing - I Aspire to be a well trained dancer but this is another story - and best believe there will be some updates of my shenanigans.  

I am all about good food, meaningful conversations with my close friends and a great nap.

 I love to help people and I’ve built my clinical career on this passion.

 Here in California, I am a licensed marriage and family therapist with a speciality in trauma.

I am an EMDR Certified Therapist and Consultant.

 I have practiced for over 17 years and transitioned into coaching and mentoring in 2016.

 I maintained a very successful private practice in San Francisco County that led to the expansion of a Mental Health Clinic in San Mateo County.

 My approach to treatment began to shift as I met with many Silicon Valley Founders and Serial Entrepreneurs who totally burned out and obsessed with work and upset that their private lives were in shambles.

 Every last person was in transition and shared some variation of feeling:

 Extremely overwhelmed and ready to crack or meltdown by the simplest things

Exhausted due to being everything to everyone all of the time

Worked Long hours 10, 12, 14 16 hours, totally depleted with nothing to give

Too tired to handle the basics

Feeling alone and believing there is no one out there who understands your struggle

Relationships shot to hell

Bodies breaking down by weight gain, strange rashes, frequent colds and odd ailments

Substance abuse

And major symptoms of anxiety and depression.


 My clients needed a safe space to be completely honest and fall apart as needed;


They wanted to be told the truth so they could face their truth and heal


And they did not have time for psycho babble and neither did they want to hear it.


They wanted solutions, and wanted to feel better quickly without needing to process their entire childhood, and numbing out with psychotropic medication.


Now don’t get me wrong here,  as I want to be crystal clear;


I am PRO Mental health.


What I also know is -  there are so many ways to get ways to get your mind right and healthy.

 And as free -independent thinking adults, we all have a responsibility to seek after, explore and apply what ever form of treatment or method  that works for us personally.

 If therapy is for you do, spiritual counseling great; dancing under the moon naked, sitting in silence on a rock or at some ashram in India, being beat with leaves by a shaman…. It could all work.

 And it up to you to find that thing that will heal you.

 The point here is to never ignore what is going on with your mental health and do something about it  - sooner than later.

In partnership I helped my clients learn how to make time for themselves, heal the source of their negative belief system, and consistently practice self-care.

 As my client felt better about themselves, they began to thrive in their personal lives and businesses again. The rest is history. I made a major transition as I stepped away from traditional therapy and created a location independent coaching business.

 Today I serve thousands of people all over the U.S. through digital courses, self-care retreats, individual and group coaching programs. 

 There is so much more to share, but you can go over to my website desiwenzel.com to learn more.

 So what you can expect on the podcast is a brand new episode every week.

 I’ll be interviewing brilliant entrepreneurs about their self-care journeys and what makes them happy, successful and free.

 These people will inspire and motivate you to take action. I will also bring you experts who will share valuable tips and strategies to help you build your business and practice self-care consistently.

Thank you for supporting the Happily Obsessed Podcast.

Remember be fearless and self care is actionable.

Desi Wenzel

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